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Local Indicator Database for Economic Analysis

Knowledge neighbourhoods

My most recent paper examines the link between urban form and the production of knowledge in contrasting economic sectors. Below is the paper abstract and link to the full paper. I greatly appreciate any comments and feedback.


This paper examines connections between the urban form of neighbourhoods in relation to the evolutionary economic geography of knowledge-intensive industries. The data presented show that firms in ‘creative’ industries tend to be located in dense, mixed-use neighbourhoods near the city core, while ‘science-based’ industries tend to be concentrated in low-density, single-use neighbourhoods in the suburbs. It is argued that these spatial patterns are related to the fact that inter-firm networks are more important in the ‘creative’ industries, while ‘science-based’ industries rely more heavily on intra-firm interactions and learning.

Click this link for the full paper:

Spencer G. M. Knowledge neighbourhoods: urban form and evolutionary economic geography, Regional Studies

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