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Creative & cultural workers are the most networked workers

I am very pleased to announce that my most recent article is now published in the International Journal of Creative and Cultural Industries. The article contrasts the work arrangements, social network characteristics, and geographies of creative & cultural workers with that of science & tech workers. The main finding is that creative & cultural workers have the largest and most dynamic social networks and that this is connected to a tighter spatial clustering.

Network Table


It is becoming increasing recognized in various literatures that not all knowledge is produced in the same manner and that distinguishing between types of knowledge production processes has significant implications for economic geography and local development policies. Empirical findings from the Canadian General Social Survey show that creative and cultural workers are much more likely to be self-employed, hold multiple jobs, and work irregular schedules, than their counterparts. This is matched by creative and cultural professionals maintaining significantly larger and more dynamic social networks, primarily accounted for by greater numbers of local weak-tie relationships. Additionally, this group is most likely to live and work in the same neighborhood, which plays a role in blurring the boundaries between social and economic spaces. The results are discussed in light of the literatures on the knowledge-based economy and precarious labor.



Spencer, GM, 2015. Great minds do not think alike: contrasting creative and cultural occupations with science and technology occupations. International Journal of Creative and Cultural Industries. 3:1 pp. 4-21.

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