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High Growth Firms and Clusters

Report Highlights

  • Over half (55%) of all high growth firms are located within just 13 local clusters
  • 58.3% of all aerospace HGFs are in just four clusters (Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax)
  • 54.6% of all bio-pharma HGFs are in just five clusters (Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Guelph, Vancouver)
  • 51.5% of ICT HGFs are in just four clusters (Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo)
  • Employment in HGF situated in clusters grew by an average of 467% between 2006 and 2011 as opposed to average growth of 202% for HGFs not situated in clusters

Download the report here:

Spencer, G.M., Morales, J. and Wolfe, D. 2012. Locating high growth firms within Canadian industrial clusters. Industry Canada.

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