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Local Indicator Database for Economic Analysis

Cluster Research

The Innovation Systems Research Network (ISRN) undertook a SSHRC funded 5-year study on industrial clusters in Canadian city-regions from 2001-2005. Initially the project was a set of qualitative case studies undertaken by university researchers from across the country. in 2003 quantitative analysis was initiated in order to develop a consistent way to identify, map, and measure clusters in Canada. This work led to a paper published in Regional Studies co-authored by Greg Spencer, Tara Vinodrai, Meric Gertler, and David Wolfe. The methodology established in this paper has been used in a number of reports for various government agencies including Industry Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation. In the most recent analysis the methodology identifies 19 types of clusters and 230 individual cases in Canada. For more information please read the original paper and see the reports listed below.


Recent Cluster Reports

Spencer, G.M. 2014. Cluster Atlas of Canada: A data profile of resource, manufacturing, and service clusters in Canadian provinces using data from the 2011 Census and National Household Survey. Industry Canada.

Spencer, G.M. 2013. The economic impact of anchor firms and industrial clusters: an analysis of Canadian and American manufacturing firms and clusters. Industry Canada.

Spencer, G.M., Morales, J. and Wolfe, D. 2012. Locating high growth firms within Canadian industrial clusters. Industry Canada.

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